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Many of us have different agendas when it comes to buying a property.

  • Some might just want to get into to the property market (First Home Buyer)
  • Some might have agenda of buying 2nd or 5th or 10th investment property.
  • Some might have just getting a land and building their dream home and some are buying H&L packages.
  • Some might looking for a best rental yield, cash flow or gradually capital growth.
  • Some might selling their apartment and thinking of buying a bigger house to serve their family needs.(Upgrading)
  • Some might thinking of selling their house and moving to apartment for low maintenance. (Downsizing)

In every stages of life we buy and sell property- In Australia average people buy/sale their properties in 5-7 years. Some of us move houses due to many reasons. It can be growing family needs, changing jobs, changing schools of their kids, illness, separations and death and some stays in one place forever.

Trend - Buyers always wanted to buy from bottom of the market and seller always wanted to get the best price for their property. when property market is going down people rather willing to wait assuming it might go further down and when it going up, many of us start buying again assuming they will make money of it in near future.

Property market moves in cycle- Research says, property completes its cycle usually every 10 years. Prices goes up, goes down, goes sideways and goes up again. If you are thinking of making money through property please consider-  property is a long term investment.

Market condition do affect you when you are buying or selling for the first time but does not affect if you are buying and selling at the same time.

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