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When is the best time to BUY/Sell real estate ?

A million-dollar question we are asking ourselves almost every day. If we are getting started on a journey of buying/selling real estate.   There is no such time called "Best time to buy/sell the property"- the best time is when you think you are ready.   Buying a property is the ultimate dream of each individual and family. People buy and sell the property at every stage of life. It could be a First home buyer, Investor, Upgrader or Downsizer.   Most of the working class... Read More


Many of us have different agendas when it comes to buying a property. Some might just want to get into to the property market (First Home Buyer) Some might have agenda of buying 2nd or 5th or 10th investment property. Some might have just getting a land and building their dream home and some are buying H&L packages. Some might looking for a best rental yield, cash flow or gradually capital growth. Some might selling their apartment and thinking of buying a bigger house to serve their... Read More